This month we are featuring Murray Crawford. Murray is a staple figure around the gym with his Porsche and perfectly timed comic relief comments. Take a moment and get to know Murray better!


1. Name – Murray Crawford

2. Occupation – Biomedical Engineering. Retired (mostly).

3. Length of time doing CrossFit – 2.5 years

4. Greatest CrossFit moment – Doing my first Open in 2017

5. Favourite cheat meal? Fish&Chips

6. What was your first CrossFit WOD and how did you feel after – Can’t remember the first one but there was an early one with 100 burpees. I was the only one in the WOD along with the coach. It was awkward.

7. Tell us your secret talent – I love to cook. The talent part is subjective!

8. Who motivates you most – There are some CrossFit members from the start who have been very inspiring! That, along with my family.

9. If you could remove any movement from CrossFit what would it be – Overhead squats

10. If you could make up any WOD and name it, what would it be? It would be 17.1 then add 300 air squats. I would call it 91.1.

11. What is your favourite movement or WOD – Dumbbell snatches

12. What did you do before CrossFit – I went to Gold’s and TCC over the years along with many years of skiing at Sun Peaks.

13. How has CrossFit changed your life – Amazing changes in my body, fitness and attitude. The structure and discipline of CrossFit have made such a difference and it’s a big part of my life now. I have also met some great people along the way.

14. Tell us your favourite quote – “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” -Oscar Wilde

15. Tell us one thing you bring as an athlete to CrossFit Apostle – I hope I bring a positive attitude to the box everyday.