We are adding a new feature to our blog called “Member Stories”. CrossFit has improved and changed the lives of our members and we want to share their stories of success and accomplishment. So to kick things off we have Ale Carroll. Ale is a staple 6am’er who is always making us smile and laugh. Here is her story.


I started at Kamloops Crossfit Apostle in June 2016.  I had been doing crossfit for a year in Fort McMurray, Alberta before I came to Kamloops.  I started crossfit because I injured my back and needed to exercise in order to keep it healthy and moving.  What I love about Crossfit is that I can record and track my progress.  But it hasn’t only made me fit and stronger, it also gives me mental health, confidence, empowerment, motivation and balance in my busy life.   During these 4 years I have learnt so much about my body.  How to take care of it, how to fuel it and that we only compete against ourselves.  Our kids are welcome to hang out while we work out.  I love the social events and extra clinics, like movie night, charity Hero WODs, rowing, gymnastics and nutrition clinics. My kids are part of the kids crossfit program and they love it, they look forward to it every week!  The coaches (Sara and Chloe) are enthusiastic and keep the kids engaged during the whole class. Nate and Leah are amazing coaches but most of all they are kind and caring people, they are always there for us, and that’s why this place is different. Kamloops Crossfit Apostle feels like family.