1) Name :Nicole Smith

2)Occupation : chauffeur, cheerleader, chef and manager , well to my family. I sometimes get paid to clean, and I sell clothing and jewelry as a side gig.

3)Length of time doing CrossFit : seven years with about a year break.

4)Greatest Crossfit moment : I was pretty happy when I was able to clean 110lbs. Actually getting my toes to the bar was amazing too .

5)Favourite cheat meal : Poutine with bacon is pretty much my favourite food but I save it for special occasions like my birthday and good grades on report cards.

6)What was your first CrossFit WOD  and how did you feel afterward?: it was sooo long ago . I remember pull ups and wall balls and feeling super sore the next day … but I went back for more .

7)Tell me your secret talent : well if I told you it wouldn’t be secret …. but really I’m a ninja .

8)Who motivates you?: it’s a bit of a loaded question. Firstly I have to motivate myself. I need to get my butt off the couch ,or out of bed  or away from my work to get to the gym because honestly I don’t want to be fat when I’m 50. This amazing community motivates me too. I enjoy the social aspect of working out with people who are there cheering me on. Of course my family motivates me as well. I don’t want to be the least fit in family now do I ?

9)If you could remove any movement from Crossfit what would it be ? I’m going to go with thrusters . They are exhausting!

10) If you could make any WOD and name it what would it be? It would be an AMRAP for 20 minutes of 6 Hang power cleans, 20 sit ups,  40 air squats and 400 meter run . I’d call it “Just hanging out”.

11) what’s your favourite movement or WOD ? My favourite lift is the clean but  I’m a big fan of sit ups .

12) what did you do before Crossfit ? Before Crossfit I trained for half marathons . I even tried a full one once .. the operative word being “once”.

13) How has Crossfit changed your life? I love how Crossfit provides my body and mind with a large variety of work outs. The group atmosphere keeps me motivated , committed and wanting to get better . Lastly, I’ve met some really great people through CrossFit.

14) What’s your favourite quote? I have a few… before every game I always say to my kids,“don’t be shitty” it’s kind a of comical ice breaker and I reminder to be awesome. ( I know family show) On a serious note , “stay in your own lane”, which is something Leah once said to me really resonates. I need to do me, the best I can and not worry about everyone else around me!

15) tell us one thing that you bring as an athlete to CrossFit Apostle ? I bring determination to the gym every time I walk in the door.