This is the 2nd installment of our Member stories. This month we have Tash Olive’s story.  Sadly, Tash will be leaving us soon, as she graduates from Respiratory Therapist school. We have loved getting to know Tash with her big smile and warm heart. In addition, she is always inspiring us to be more “green” and environmentally conscious. Here is her story:

Before moving to Kamloops for school, I had done Crossfit in Victoria on and off for about 3 years. I was nervous to move to a new town, start at a new gym and leave my familiar training routine. Little did I know that the next two years would be the best two years of my fitness journey to date. I was immediately welcomed by the coaches and the Kamloops Crossfit Apostle members. Going to the gym quickly became my favourite part of the day. The supportive atmosphere, top quality programming and superior coaching were all major factors that made this gym stand out among any other gym I had been to in the past. There is always someone to cheer you on, pat you on the back or offer you advice on your technique. I have smashed multiple PR’s, improved my pitiful gymnastics and become the fittest I have ever been. This is truly a unique and special community. It’s going to be hard to find another place like KFCA. Thank you guys for making my time in Kamloops infinitely better.

Tash Olive