This month we have Justin AKA Twink as our member spotlight! We love Twink because he keeps us humble and entertained. There is never a dull moment when Twink is around!! Check out what Justin has to say.

1. Name – Justin Fournier

2. Occupation – Registered Nurse
3. Length of time doing CrossFit – Coming up on 6 years at the end of August

4. Greatest CrossFit moment – yikes, a couple of those, HSPU like 4 years ago and BMU. Was
so excited after my first bar muscle up I jumped to the ground from full extension and
tweaked my ankle, was hard to squat for a couple of days after that hahaha

5. Favourite cheat meal? – umm…I’m a sucker for ice cream, not gonna lie, currently Fiasco
small batch gelato – salted caramel, and now I’m drooling. But if I’m eating clean or in a
challenge, there are no cheat meals. Oh and poutine

6. What was your first CrossFit WOD and how did you feel after – I don’t remember the
specifics but it started with squats as the strength, then got destroyed in 4 and a half
minutes by the ‘soccer moms’ – not much has changed…;)

7. Tell us your secret talent – learned to play guitar by listening to music being played

8. Who motivates you most – used to be me but I would have to say my kids, want to set a
positive role model for them

9. If you could remove any movement from CrossFit what would it be – toes to bar

10. If you could make up any WOD and name it, what would it be?  20 min AMRAP of 50m yoke carry, 40 cal bike, 30 wallballs, 20 cleans @ 155/105 and 10 pull ups.

11. What is your favourite movement or WOD – Probably snatch, it’s the most technical bar
movement that needs speed, mobility, strength, balance, timing and patience…as for a
WOD, anything with a heavy-ish barbell, some running and pull ups, yes, pull ups.

12. What did you do before CrossFit – played rugby and lacrosse for a long time and at high
levels, bodybuilding, broomball, basketball, track & field, hockey, volleyball, football, and was
quite outdoorsy

13. How has CrossFit changed your life – definitely made me stronger, has helped to
stabilize my shoulder and stave off surgery. Increased my knowledge around what
constitutes healthy eating as well.

14. Tell us your favourite quote: “Be hungry for success, be hungry to make your mark,
hungry to be seen and to be heard and have an effect. And as you move up and be
successful, make sure also to be hungry for helping others.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
and Get to da choppa!!! hahahaha

15. Tell us one thing you bring as an athlete to CrossFit Apostle – Fun!?! Haha at least a
good laugh